Blazing-Fast Cloud File Storage for Business

Unleash the power of Silicon Sky’s Cloud File Storage and accelerate your workloads like never before.
Cloud File Storage

Struggling with sluggish storage hindering your applications? Elevate your performance with Silicon Sky’s revolutionary Cloud File Storage.


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All-Flash Performance

Experience blazing-fast access times and data transfer speeds.

Ideal for:

Demanding workloads, databases, virtual desktops, and high-performance computing.

Low Latency

Eliminate lag and ensure seamless user experiences for critical applications.

Cost per GB per month

Pay only for the storage you use, avoiding inflated costs.

No ingress/egress fees

Transfer data freely without hidden charges.

No IOPS fees

Focus on performance without worrying about additional costs.


Boost productivity

Eliminate wait times and improve application responsiveness.

Simplify management

Focus on your business, not storage complexities.

Enhance security

Benefit from industry-leading security measures to protect your data.

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Enjoy blazing-fast data access

Discuss your specific requirements and get a free quote on our high-performance Cloud File Storage solution. Experience the difference speed and reliability can make!
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