Unparalleled Network Security for Your Virtual Data Center: Introducing Silicon Sky’s VDC ANS

Elevate your cloud security with 3 levels of advanced protection, including next-gen firewalls, NSX Edge Gateway, and software-defined DFW.
Virtual Data Center ANS

Concerned about lateral traffic movement and compromised workloads within your virtual data center (VDC)? Silicon Sky’s Advanced Network Security (ANS) VDC delivers unmatched protection with comprehensive security layers.


Next-Gen Shared Firewall

Benefit from advanced firewall services including UTM/IPS for comprehensive threat protection.

Distributed Layer 4 Firewall

Deploy a software-defined firewall for seamless network segmentation and lateral movement prevention.

Port Filtering

Control traffic flow within network segments for added security.

Layer 2-4 Firewalling

Implement granular security policies based on your specific needs.

Icon demonstrating blazing fast speed
Blazing-fast Performance

Experience exceptional performance with powerful Intel CPUs and all-flash storage.


Easily adjust resources like CPU, RAM, and storage to meet your changing demands.

Self-Service Management

Manage your security environment conveniently through our intuitive portal.

24/7 Monitoring and Support

Our expert team ensures your security solution runs smoothly and you get timely assistance.


Enhanced security

Protect your cloud workloads from advanced threats and data breaches.

Reduced risk of lateral movement

Secure east-west traffic and prevent unauthorized data access.

Improved compliance

Meet stringent data security and privacy regulations.

Simplified management

Manage your security easily with self-service capabilities.


Pay only for the resources you use with flexible pricing options.

Peace of mind

Enjoy the confidence that your cloud environment is well-protected.

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