Supercharge Your Online Presence: Dedicated Internet Access from Silicon Sky

Silicon Sky’s Dedicated Internet Access delivers unwavering performance, security, and global reach to take your online operations to the next level.
dedicated internet access

Silicon Sky’s Dedicated Internet Access solution goes beyond just fast internet. We provide customizable options, expert support, and a reliable network to ensure your business stays connected and thriving.


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Unmatched Speed & Reliability

Enjoy blazing-fast internet with multiple provider options for maximum redundancy and resilience.

Private IP Address Blocks

Gain dedicated resources and enhanced security with private IP allocations.

Global Connectivity

Reach global audiences seamlessly with direct local and international breakout.

Tailored Bandwidth

Choose the perfect bandwidth size (1:1 dedicated) to match your specific needs.

Firewall Flexibility

Bring Your Own (BYO) software appliance, utilize our Virtual Firewall Appliance, or opt for Dedicated Physical Firewalls for comprehensive protection.

Expert Support

Our team of network specialists is always available to assist you 24/7.


Increased productivity

Eliminate frustrating downtime and ensure smooth business operations.

Enhanced security

Protect your data with robust firewall options and private IP addresses.

Improved customer experience

Deliver fast, reliable connections for a seamless user experience.

Greater agility

Scale your bandwidth easily to adapt to changing demands.

Reduced costs

Optimize your internet expenses with flexible pricing options.

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