Scalable & Secure Virtual Data Centers: Power Your Business Growth

Host multiple workloads effortlessly with our all-in-one IaaS solution, featuring compute, storage, network, and built-in security.
Virtual Data Center

Silicon Sky’s Virtual Data Center (VDC) empowers businesses with a powerful and secure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution. Our VDC goes beyond simple hosting, offering a complete infrastructure package for seamless deployment and management of your critical applications.


Scale on-demand

Easily adjust your resources up or down based on your real-time needs.

Choice is yours

Select from a variety of storage tiers to optimize performance and cost.

Custom networks

Design a network that perfectly suits your specific architecture and security requirements.

Self-service portal

Manage and control your entire VDC environment with ease through our intuitive web interface.

Pre-built applications

Deploy popular software instantly without manual configuration.

Expert support

Our dedicated team is always available to assist you with any questions or technical issues.

Built-in firewalls

Protect your data and applications with our Next Generation Firewall service that is included at no additional cost.

Private resource pool

Enjoy the isolation and control of a dedicated virtual environment.

Compliance assurance

Our infrastructure meets stringent security and compliance standards.


Comprehensive IaaS

Get everything you need in one place – CPU, RAM, storage, network, and robust security.

Private & Secure

Enjoy a dedicated virtual resource pool protected by firewalls for complete peace of mind.

Unlimited Internet Traffic

Focus on your business, not data transfer charges.

Flexible & Scalable:

Choose the resources you need and easily scale up or down as your demands evolve.

High-Performance Storage

Optimize workloads with All Flash storage.

Customizable Networking

Extend or create private networks and select the perfect firewall solution.

Other products and services in this portfolio

Enjoy scalability, flexibility, and self-service management

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