Veeam Cloud Backup: Immutable & Secure Against Attacks

Experience the power of Veeam cloud backup Immutability with Silicon Sky’s secure and reliable cloud storage.
Veeam Cloud Backup Immutability

Worried about ransomware attacks crippling your business? Silicon Sky offers an unbreakable shield with our Veeam Cloud Backup Immutability solution. This powerful combination of Veeam Backup & Replication and secure storage ensures your data remains untouchable by ransomware, accidental deletion, or even malicious insiders.


Unbreakable Protection

lock your backups with object immutability, making them tamper-proof and ransomware-resistant.

Offsite Security

Store a second copy of your data in the cloud, ensuring complete disaster recovery peace of mind.

Veeam Integration

Seamlessly manage and monitor your backups directly from your familiar Veeam console.

Instant Recovery

Enjoy fast access to your backups for swift data restoration when needed.

Scalable Storage

Easily expand your backup capacity as your data grows, without breaking the bank.


Pay only for the storage you use, with no hidden egress fees.


24/7 Expert Support

Our dedicated team is always available to assist you with any questions.

Eliminate ransomware threats

Protect your critical data from malicious attacks with immutable backups.

Prevent accidental deletion

Safeguard your data from human error with tamper-proof backups.

Ensure business continuity

Recover data quickly and efficiently in case of disasters or disruptions.

Simplify backup management

Manage everything from a single Veeam console for ultimate convenience.

Meet compliance requirements

Adhere to data security and privacy regulations with secure backups.

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Stop ransomware in its tracks

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