Boost Security & Response: Real-Time Firewall Logging

A powerful Firewall Logging service that empowers you with real-time visibility and comprehensive analysis of your firewall activity.
firewall logging

See Clearly, React Swiftly: Silicon Sky’s Firewall Logging for Enhanced Security. Gain real-time & historical insights into your network!


Real-time & historic views

Monitor your firewall activity 24/7 and identify suspicious events instantly.

Event correlation

Connect the dots across your network to uncover complex attack patterns.

Automated Indicators of Compromise (IOCs)

Get alerted to known threats automatically, saving you valuable time.

Deep drill-down capabilities

Analyze events in detail and understand the root cause of potential threats.

Optional reporting

Generate customized reports to share with stakeholders or meet compliance requirements.

Centralized analyzer tool

Gain a consolidated view of your entire firewall environment from a single platform.

Monthly fee

Enjoy predictable costs with flexible billing options.

Storage included

No need to worry about managing separate storage solutions.


Enhanced security posture

Proactively identify and respond to threats before they escalate.

Improved threat detection

Gain deeper insights into your network activity and potential vulnerabilities.

Reduced response times

Quickly investigate and mitigate security incidents.

Simplified compliance

Meet regulatory requirements with ease.

Peace of mind

Focus on your business knowing your network is under constant watch.

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Gain real-time & historical insights into your network

Discuss your specific requirements and get a free quote on our powerful Firewall Logging service. Experience the confidence of proactive security!
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