Unlock Blazing-Fast Cloud Connectivity with Silicon Sky’s Network Solutions

Experience seamless performance with direct LAN-speed connections, 1/10/25Gbps options, and no hidden traffic charges.


At Silicon Sky, we understand that speed is critical for your success in the cloud. Our high-performance IaaS connectivity is designed to give you the edge you need to thrive.

Our Solutions


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Unparalleled Speed

Connect at LAN speeds of 1Gbps, 10Gbps, or even 25Gbps, eliminating latency and boosting application performance.

No Traffic Charges

Focus on your business, not hidden fees. Enjoy unlimited data transfer with no per-gigabyte charges.

Carrier-Neutral Data Centers

Benefit from direct, high-speed connections to multiple leading carriers for optimal performance and reliability.

Reduced Latency

Experience exceptionally low latency for real-time applications and seamless user experiences.

Global Reach

Connect your cloud environment to global networks with ease, supporting international operations.


Increased productivity

Eliminate delays and downtime for a more efficient workforce.

Enhanced user experience

Deliver responsive applications for happy and productive users.

Improved scalability

Easily scale your bandwidth as your business grows without limitations.


Get the performance you need without breaking the bank.

Peace of mind

Enjoy superior reliability and support from experts.

Experience lightning-fast performance

1/10/25Gbps LAN speed, no traffic charges, & carrier-neutral data centers. Elevate your cloud experience today!
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