Fortify Your Cloud: Silicon Sky’s Dedicated Firewall Service

Concerned about data breaches and cyber threats? Our Dedicated Firewall is your answer, offering unparalleled security and control for your servers.
dedicated firewall

Concerned about data breaches and cyber threats? Silicon Sky’s Dedicated Firewall is your answer. This hardware-based solution offers unparalleled security and control for your servers.


Next-generation firewall features

Block sophisticated threats with cutting-edge technology.

Intrusion prevention & anti-virus scanning

Proactively identify and neutralize malicious activity.

Multiple DMZs

Isolate sensitive data for enhanced protection.

Multiple IPsec tunnels

Securely connect to remote locations with encrypted communication.

Managed by security experts

Focus on your business while our experts handle the security complexities.

Customised policies

Tailor security measures to your specific needs and compliance requirements.

Free VPN software clients

Connect securely from any device with ease.

Transparent pricing

Predictable monthly fee (OPEX model).


Enhanced data protection

Safeguard your sensitive information with robust security measures.

Reduced risk of cyberattacks

Proactive defense against evolving threats.

Improved compliance

Meet industry regulations and standards with confidence.

Simplified security management

Delegate security operations to our experts.

Cost-effective solution

Predictable monthly OPEX fee.

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Experience unparalleled security with Silicon Sky's Dedicated Firewall

Discuss your specific requirements and get a free quote on our advanced firewall solution. Secure your business and achieve peace of mind!
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